Taím Kosher Catering always offers a personalized service and every event is a special experience. Our visitors are always welcomed and treated with personal attention and courtesy that shows our care for even the smallest details. The catering service promotes the dialogue on the table without interruptions because the meal is already selected, served, and ready for testing.



  1. The comfort of eating where you are staying in Barcelona.

  2. Kosher food can wait for you at the time and location you choose.

  3. You are not limited to the traditional restaurants hours.

  4. Good alternative for not having to change / shorten your walks.

  5. Our service ensures that kosher food is not an inconvenience when planning your trip.

  6. Plenty of meal options to choose considering your needs.


  1. Our food is homemade and it is handcrafted on demand tailored to your tastes.

  2. It provides privacy, intimacy and comfort at the time of the event.

  3. The food is sent to the address you specify.

  4. Our catering service offers frozen kosher food to make your day-to-day easier.

  5. And as we have mentioned before, you are not limited to traditional fixed times.