Passover is a holiday, a joyful holiday, at which we commemorate the liberation of the Hebrew people from slavery in Egypt. The Passover story is told in the Pentateuch, mainly in the Book of Exodus.


The festivity begins on the 15th day of the Hebrew month of Nisan, and lasts seven days (eight days in the Diaspora), and during these days it is prohibited the ingestion of foods derived from fermented grains, called in Hebrew “chametz”. Instead, during the festivity is customary to eat Matzah, or unleavened bread.


The Torah also referred to Passover as “Jag  Hamatzot”, referring to the matzah, the unleavened bread of slavery and poverty, and also called “Jag Haaviv”, the spring holiday.



We want to share with you some recipes for this celebration. The first recipe we have chosen is a very easy recipe to make and that surely will enjoy its elaboration with all the family.






– 4 large eggs

– 200g. (one cup) of fine sugar

– A few drops of vanilla extract (optional)

– 200g. (1 ½ cup) ground hazelnuts




The egg yolks and sugar are beaten until you get a cream, and vanilla (optional) is added. Whisk  the egg whites until form stiff peaks and mix with the yolks. Hazelnuts are added.

The preparation is poured into a nonstick  23cm (9 inches) mold. Bake for 45 minutes at 180º (350ºF).