TAÍM Kosher Catering is a company created in order to serve Kosher Food in Barcelona.

We offer individual solutions to every single type of events: Business, weddings, bar/bat mitzvah, a dinner with some friend, or maybe for a day that we come home from a long work day and we don’t really want to cook. Or just for that caprice that we always have but for time reasons we postpone?

 For TAÍM the client is like our family, that’s why we advice you at all moment, using our experience, human team and versatility, with the passion that It characterizes us in order to your celebration be ours.
Our Idea is to serve quality products, attending always to our clients needs, to make possible this we have a big variety of menus (From the typical Jewish kitchen from the local one adapted to the laws of Kashrus.) and adapted to our client.

The principal ingredients of success are: The love for that we do it, the utilization of fresh products and the quality and constantly innovation.

All our Products are under the strictly supervision of Rabbi Dovid M.M Libersohn, from Chabad Lubavitch Barcelona. Our Catering is GLATT KOSHER MEHADRIN MIN HAMEADRIN.


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